Snapchat Expands Advanced Partner Program to Boost Opportunities

Snapchat has announced the launch of an advanced partner program aimed at helping agencies and companies build on opportunities within the platform. The new program will provide approved partners with exclusive benefits and tools to better manage and grow their clients' Snapchat campaigns.

Some of the top agencies and media buyers that have already been selected for the advanced partner program include VaynerMedia, Wpromote, Horizon Media, Rise, Kepler, PMG, Tinuiti and GALE. These partners will receive personalized training, dedicated support from Snapchat and access to additional resources not available to other partners. Snapchat is looking to help partners advance their expertise on the platform through a curated package of educational and business opportunities.

The advanced partner program acts as an expansion of Snapchat's existing partner program. This program connects brands to approved experts that can help maximize results from Snapchat ads. Through the new advanced program, partners will gain unique advantages throughout the year from Snapchat. They will also have the ability to provide feedback and suggestions to Snapchat which can help shape future product updates and developments.

Some key features Snapchat is rolling out for partners include bulk invoice downloads, improved campaign management capabilities and enhancements to member invites and cross-organization asset sharing. These new features aim to simplify collaboration for partners and make it easier for them to buy, manage and measure campaigns on Snapchat. Partners will be given an exclusive badge on their SMM panel to showcase their advanced status.

The launch of the advanced partner program comes as Snapchat focuses on maximizing revenue opportunities. While the platform continues growing its user base internationally, Snapchat recognizes the need to capitalize more on opportunities in core markets like North America and Europe. Partner agencies will play an important role in helping Snapchat and its brand clients uncover new ways of boosting results.

In its recent quarterly earnings, Snapchat noted it would shift more development resources towards its highest potential markets. Revenue growth has been steady but incremental, forcing job cuts and project rationalization to improve margins. The partner program expansion allows Snapchat to leverage agency expertise and insights to potentially expand its offerings. It also provides partners with exclusive tools that can help their clients achieve more success on the Snapchat platform.

With the right strategies in place, the advanced partner program stands to mutually benefit both Snapchat and participating agencies. Partners will gain a competitive edge in the form of exclusive resources from Snapchat.

This enables them to better serve clients using the Snapchat platform. For Snapchat, input from top partners can drive new solutions that lead to increased engagement and monetization. If effective, the program may help address investor concerns around optimizing Snapchat's revenue potential.