TikTok to Allow Brands to Create AI Assistants for Promoting Products

As one of the largest social media platforms, TikTok is constantly testing new ways to help brands engage customers and drive sales. One concept being explored would allow advertisers to generate AI-powered influencers right from within the TikTok app. If successful, it could provide opportunities for both the platform and participating businesses.

Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in marketing. On Douyin, China's version of TikTok, AI hosts have found significant success promoting products through live streams. These virtual personalities are able to broadcast non-stop, sometimes resulting in thousands of dollars in daily revenue. For brands, they offer a very cost-effective alternative to hiring people.

Reports indicate the potential TikTok tool would produce video ads after receiving basic input from advertisers like product details and description. An AI influencer would then be developed to act out a generated script and appear in the promotional clip. These virtual personalities could also go live and interact with viewers in real-time. Some details suggest the system would analyze comments to have more natural discussions.

Of course, there are still many unknowns about users' receptiveness. People may dislike highly human-like simulations or find them disingenuous compared to real influencers. Developing engaging AI while avoiding an uncanny valley will be crucial. Early testing will provide critical feedback before any wider rollout.

If adopted, it could spur new opportunities for commerce. To date, shopping features haven't taken off as strongly for TikTok globally as they have on Douyin. While billions are spent annually, the majority supports creators rather than product purchases. Live shopping and the TikTok Shop section have struggled to gain real traction. AI personalities may help change that.

Having a constant virtual presence provides brands a major advantage. An AI influencer can work ceaselessly making pitches without breaks like people. Complex strategies could be implemented without relying on human involvement. As long as the personality seems natural and connects with audiences, it may inspire more in-app spending.

Any feature helping TikTok generate revenue is worth exploring. Their goal mirrors Douyin's incredible e-commerce success worldwide. If virtual influencers can indeed sell products successfully, it would mark a big step forward for TikTok's business model. Greater sales incentivize more advertisers, fueling further growth. As with new offerings, starting small and refining based on behavior will be important. But AI could prove the next phase in elevating TikTok commerce to new heights.

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