TikTok Unravels Canadians' App Usage Patterns and Trends

TikTok has provided insights into how Canadians are engaging on the platform. Data shows that Canadians see TikTok as a place for joyful self-expression where they can be their true selves. Compared to other social platforms that have seen reduced public posting, TikTok's participatory memes encourage more user contributions which shifts the overall experience to be more open and engaging.

Specific shopping events were examined in depth. On Black Friday, over 50% of Canadian TikTok users reported actively browsing the 'Shop' tab feature to window shop for deals. Many users said they discovered new brands and products through hashtags like #BlackFridayDeals.

Browsing trending hashtags allowed users to easily find top deals from retailers. On Cyber Monday, engagement was also high with over 40% of users browsing the 'Shop' tab. Hashtags performed a similar function in helping users find the best discounted items through #CyberMonday.

Holiday period engagement was also a focus of the insights. At Christmas, an overwhelming majority of users at over 60% said they enjoyed passively watching feel-good videos that spread holiday cheer and good vibes.

Uplifting content shared through hashtags like #Christmas2021 allowed users to stay connected to festive themes and seasonal spirit throughout December. On New Years Eve, over 30% of users reported actively making resolutions posts with #NewYears2022 to publicly document their goals, intentions and hopes for the coming year in a motivational way.

Specific communities and moments of cultural significance are actively celebrated through strategic hashtag use on TikTok. For Pride month, hashtags like #Pride allowed the LGBTQ+ community and allies to share uplifting, self-expressive content to mark the occasion.

For Canada Day on July 1st, users expressed national pride through creative videos showcasing iconic music and landmarks tagged with #CanadaDay. After major international or domestic sports wins, hashtags served to document fan reactions and celebrations from coast to coast.

The report outlined some high-level takeaways and recommendations for brands. These included leveraging cultural moments of significance on the platform through branded hashtag challenges and campaigns.

Using inclusive, diverse creative that authentically represents communities was also encouraged. Testing 'shoppable' video formats that make purchasing products seamless from the app was another suggestion. With the right social media management panel approach, strategic hashtags can help users discover new brands and content around celebrations and events.

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TikTok's new report on Canadian usage behaviors highlights opportunities for strategic hashtag campaigns, shoppable content, and community-driven engagement. With an optimized social media presence, brands can connect with users during meaningful moments through creative and services like those offered by Great SMM.