Understanding X's Latest Update on User Engagement and Activity March 2024

X recently shared some updated stats on their platform usage and engagement but there are questions around whether the numbers tell the full story. Some of the key stats that X shared included having 250 million daily active users, however, this figure has remained the same for over a year with no reported growth. They also claimed 550 million monthly active users which is the exact same figure that was provided back in October.

A few of the other metrics that X discussed also showed some inconsistencies. For example, they stated that on average users spend 30 minutes per day on the platform but also claimed there were over 8 billion daily active user minutes.

When you do the math, 8 billion minutes divided by 250 million daily users equals 32 minutes per user on average. So it's unclear which figure is accurate. X also said that daily average time spent has increased 13% this year but just last October they had said the average was 32 minutes, which has either stayed the same or decreased based on the latest stats shared.

The number of new users joining per day was provided as 1.7 million but this seems inflated given there has been no growth in monthly or daily user counts reported over the past 5 months.

Engagement metrics around areas like likes, reposts and views were all reported to be up significantly in the 60% range but independent reports have suggested engagement has slightly declined overall in recent years on the platform. Video views per day were shared as being over 8 billion on average but just a few years ago the figures reported were already half of this amount.

Some metrics did indicate strong growth such as time spent on communities increasing 600% in the last year and jobs posted growing over 500% in the past 90 days. However, other stats like the number of Spaces created and Twitter search activity were actually lower than figures shared in prior reports.

With so many data points either remaining static for long periods, declining, or conflicting with past reports and simple math, it brings into question the accuracy of the stats that X is presenting publicly. Their continued claims of success also seem contradictory to third party analyses pointing to a user decline since the acquisition. Only when financial results are made available will the true performance of the platform be known.

For those analyzing industry reports, it's important to scrutinize the numbers, cross check stats against other sources, and discuss findings with experts through an smm panel to get a full picture of trends. Consulting industry specialists is key for properly interpreting metrics in context.

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