What are the different snack content formats?

What are the different snack content formats?

Snack content is ideal for spreading your brand image and establishing your notoriety. But, for this, your micro-content must stand out from the competition and the many publications that abound on social networks.
Especially since if the snack content is associated with an effective content marketing strategy, its return on investment can be very significant!
Here are the different types of snack content to urgently integrate into your digital strategy!


Internet users love infographics! They have a very strong impact on social networks. Their fun side attracts attention, they are quick to read and easy to understand. But beware, they are not simplistic either! On the contrary, an infographic allows you to simplify complex information to make it accessible to everyone. You have at your disposal many sites including Canva to create great infographics for free!

The signs

Their simple format attracts the eye and allows you to convey a strong message. In a few words, on a colored background or a well-thought-out visual, you instantly impact people's minds! Take the opportunity to affirm the values ​​of your company!

The citations

Post quotes and you're guaranteed to be a big hit! Quotes have a strong converting power. But be careful, they must be interesting and target your audience. General quotes, views, and reviews will not have the same weight on your target audience as those of a recognized expert in your field of activity.


Memes have gone viral on social media. These diverted images accompanied by humorous, even sarcastic text, are one of the most engaging media. You will find many online tools like Meme Generator to create your meme. All you have to do is choose an image from the gallery or upload your own visuals, all you have to do is integrate your text!


GIF is an animated image that can illustrate your marketing message in a playful way. They are particularly suitable for highlighting an emotion or de-dramatizing complex information. Tenor and Giphy are two free platforms on which you will be able to create your own GIFs.

Short videos

The short video attracts the eye wherever it is, it is THE snack content par excellence! But beware, the videos are there to provide information or advice and should not be for advertising purposes.
Now that we've covered all the snack content formats, here's the recipe for effective micro-content.

1. Adapt the snack content to the platform
Internet users consume differently on Facebook than on Twitter and if you want your snack content to generate shares and engagement, it must be adapted to the targeted platform.
Thus, Twitter and Instagram favor very short micro-content such as infographics or GIFs. Conversely, videos of a few minutes will be perfect for storytelling platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, or LinkedIn.
2. Target social networks
Post your content where your audience is. For example, do not waste energy posting on TikTok if your clientele is mainly in B2B and over 40 years old.
3. Arouse emotion
Emotions are a very powerful lever in marketing. Not only do they grab attention, but often generate a wave of sharing! Use strong imagery and a hook and tell a compelling story.
4. Stand out with originality
It goes without saying that creating the same content snacks as your competitors is counterproductive. On the other hand, relevant and original content has every chance of going viral! If you lack ideas, you can reuse your content and adapt it to different formats.
5. Stick to the news
Do you know newsjacking? It is a trend that consists of bouncing on the news to use it in an often-humorous snack content. Find news that correlates with your audience and embed it in a GIF for example.
6. Integrate Call-To-Action
When the context lends itself to it, do not hesitate to push the Internet user to action with a CTA. Not all formats will allow you to integrate a CTA, but signs, quotes, or videos are suitable media to redirect to your website.
7. Take the time to produce quality content
Although the format is short, its content should not be sloppy!

Your digital content must appeal to your target audience, otherwise, it will be skipped. Stay true to your brand image and don't surf on the latest parody videos that are creating buzz, they are not necessarily synonymous with quality. Like all your editorial content, your micro-content must reflect your professionalism.

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