What content to share on LinkedIn for your social selling strategy?

What content to share on LinkedIn for your social selling strategy?

For a good social selling strategy, you must vary the pleasures and vary the content you share. Obviously, depending on your business and your sector of activity, some content will be more suitable than others. There is no one right way to do it. Here are some examples of shareable content for your social selling:
-Sharing articles from your personal blog or your company blog
-Sharing of external articles, but always within your editorial line
-Sharing an event, you're going to
-Personal/professional news
-Company News
-Promotion of your company and relay of current offers
-Corporate culture
Whatever your professional situation, you must be visible on professional social networks! We will focus on the types of content found on LinkedIn because it is the social network most used by professionals.

Useful tools for social selling

Thanks to an extension, Buffer will allow you to publish articles found on the web in a few clicks. You can also schedule posts at the most convenient times for you. It is an indispensable tool as soon as you find relevant content. It can also be useful for your own content.

If you don't have the internal resources to produce your own content, you have no choice but to share external content. To give you visibility even though it is not your content, Sniply allows you to add a promotional banner for your site on any web page.

Feedly will allow you to monitor very quickly. This RSS feed aggregator is a tool we use every day at Clyde’s. We have identified a few relevant websites for us and every morning we take 10 minutes to read the news and share the most interesting ones on Twitter. It is also possible to set up keyword alerts. It is a real all-in-one tool and is easy to use.

Pocket will allow you to save content that you find interesting on the web. You can therefore take the time to read the content later and share it on your own network if it corresponds to your editorial line.
To conclude, as long as you respect the codes of the social networks you use and you analyze the results of your publications, your social selling will be effective! On LinkedIn, stay professional no matter what. Your posts engage your business or your company. Avoid posts that are too personal. We hope these few tips will help you find and choose relevant content for your social selling strategy.