What is Community Commerce?

What is Community Commerce?

In this English term, we find the commercial aspect, for online sales, and the community aspect, for people followed by many others. On TikTok, it is possible to break through tomorrow and thus create your own community. With a community of several tens or hundreds of thousands/millions of subscribers, it is possible to become an influencer. Twitter just launched a few days ago the Twitter Shops, a feature to sell on social networks.
The term Community Commerce has become common, especially with the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt. Many people buy after seeing organic or sponsored videos on social media.
With Community Commerce, brands call on content creators, who use original means to promote products and create viral content. The goal is to rely on the authenticity of the creator to encourage sales, even if people are not there to buy intentionally. Here influence marketing and community commerce are two different terms, where authenticity makes the difference, unlike simple product placement.
To do things right, content creators go through TikTok Shopping: the platform dedicated to companies that measure the impact of influencer content.
Finally, last August Public Group and TikTok announced a global partnership to promote Community Commerce. A partnership that shows the impact that this new trend will have in the coming years…

TikTok's Community Commerce Features

Last September, during a special event, TikTok unveiled many features allowing companies to take advantage of influencers and the sales generated by them. Here is the presentation of these new features!

TikTok Shopping
As explained above, TikTok Shopping is a suite of solutions and features that allow businesses to accurately track the power of influencers. With the latter, they can see the sales generated by “such” influencers.
The big advantage of TikTok Shopping is the possibility of connecting its product catalog with Shopify, Square, Ecwid, Prestashop, and soon, Wix or Open Cart. TikTok is also expected to launch its TikTok Shopping API. Brands will be able to integrate their product catalog directly into TikTok.

Links embedded in videos
With this feature, any video created by a brand can become shoppable. When a video is played, the user can make his purchase live, via the video. Within a video, one or more links can be added.
By clicking on a link, the user will also be able to see more products, all without having to leave the application.

Live Shopping
The functionality of all social networks, in particular Facebook and Instagram, and live shopping is the logical continuation of teleshopping at other times. By offering live shopping, content creators test products live and answer users' questions in real-time.

TikTok ads
To succeed on TikTok, you can also dedicate part of your budget to advertising. It is often through this format that brands give free rein to their creativity!
Several advertising formats are shopping-oriented. These include Dynamic Showcase Ads, Lead Generation, or Collection Ads as below. A video is played and by clicking on the “Buy” button several products scroll. The user can also discover more and be redirected to the brand's website to proceed to purchase.