What is “Lead”?

What is “Lead”?

A lead is a prospect. He is someone whose attention you have managed to capture.
Concretely, a lead can take the form of a view on your video or a click on your ad, leading to your site for example. This is the preamble to a conversion (sale).

What is a “Lead Magnet”?

Internet users are latently looking for a “magic pill” that will solve their problems easily, now, and at a low cost.
 Your angle of attack is therefore to propose a “magic solution” or at least, something like it. The interest of the person crossing your ad will therefore be strongly and irremediably aroused.
 She will click. That's it, you have your lead (and probably your lead magnet).
In exchange, the Internet user is asked for data (email address + other information that is useful to you).

How to create mass Lead thanks to Lead Magnets?

Here are some magical concepts to inspire you in your creation of the Lead Magnet. In general, your ad must be well worked out and very inciting! It must offer an immediate solution because the click is an emotional decision: the Internet user expects a quick solution. But do not neglect the content to which the ad leads: it must also be qualitative, otherwise only your ad will benefit from traffic and not your site/product.

Be specific

You have to take a specific problem and propose a specific solution opposite. As a result, you will correspond to a specific target and fully meet their expectations.
Your ad will thus be “right on target” for him. And he will have no choice but to click: Lead!

Where to find your “problem to solve”?

 Look at your after-sales service and examine customer feedback: What your customers are really looking for. You can also search with your sales representatives or do an e-reputation watch (what people say about you on the forums).