What is natural referencing?

What is natural referencing?

Natural referencing is a digital acquisition method that has the particularity of being organic. The SEO consultant's playground is made up of search engines, particularly Google. The challenge of a natural referencing strategy is to generate qualified traffic on websites.
To do this, SEO consultants try to meet the expectations of the Google algorithm. Objective: to be well-considered by Google. The signal of this "good agreement" is that the publisher's site stands out in a good position.
The means available to try to send a good signal to Google are three in number. We are talking about the 3 pillars of natural referencing.

What are the 3 pillars of natural referencing?

The 3 pillars of natural referencing are those on which we can act to hope to meet Google's expectations and thus obtain good positions in the SERPs (search engine result page following a request from the Internet user).
The technique is the first pillar. In short, it is a question of doing what is necessary for communication with the Google algorithm to be of good quality. As the other would say, you must put a token in the machine: getting technically compliant does not allow you to obtain good natural referencing, but without that nothing is possible. This is the basis.
Semantics and editorial form the second pillar. It's about sending the right message to Google (and to Internet users), to show that you are relevant to your subject. The content strategy is the means for SEO but also beyond your target to confer legitimacy on your product or service offer.
Popularity or external netlinking is the third pillar. It sends the message to Google that not only are you relevant to your topic, but you are the most relevant of all your competitors. And that obviously, in the end, is what will make the difference in the SERPs.

How to get good natural referencing?

Obtaining good natural referencing means addressing the 3 pillars in order and considering the constraints linked to your market. A good SEO is one that allows you to achieve your goals in terms of traffic, lead generation, or organic sales.
It goes without saying that the results you will obtain depend on the means you devote to it. If you are starting from very far away and your expectations are high, in a very competitive market, you will have to put in the means.
In short, having good natural referencing means designing a solid and realistic strategy and knowing how to stick to it over time. Our SEO natural referencing consultants offer you 4 steps to get there:
-SEO technical audit: optimizing the structure of your site
-SEO semantic audit: choosing the right target expressions
-SEO content strategy: designing an editorial strategy
-Netlinking strategy: work on the popularity of your site

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