What is slow content?

What is slow content?

At a time when the internet is overflowing with information, we see that only two-thirds of the content created is read compared to one-third for social networks. With companies spending more than half of their marketing budgets on content creation, we understand that it's time for a change of strategy and it starts with you. You produce better quality information without seeking quantity at all costs: this is slow content. The objective is to be read and therefore to be able to reach a potential customer. The reader, you, and I are no longer overwhelmed with information. This is reasoned marketing.


The content that will be created will be more relevant and your prospects will therefore be better understood. The uniqueness and authenticity of the information you transmit will therefore have a definite impact on your readers. This will have the effect of giving a positive image of you thanks to the values ​​you convey. A relationship of trust can thus be created. You embody an image of seriousness, and you thus place yourself as an expert.
Slow content can also be akin to recycling because you must meet the expectations of your readers and come back to content already published in order to deepen or update it and therefore bring an added value. By writing longer articles because they are more complete, you will also improve your SEO optimization thanks to better use of keywords and techniques to be put in place and thus be read by a more informed public, which will improve your natural reference.


With slow content, articles require more writing work but also research. This quality objective, therefore, requires being better trained and being able to target the customer to better understand their expectations to create the content they expect. This strategy requires you to completely rethink the patterns in place, which forces you to do more work. This editorial upheaval may take time to show its results because your support is less frequented, but you have a better conversion rate thanks to loyalty. In addition, a longer and better article will often be less entertaining and longer for the reader to digest, but rest assured, he/she will end up getting a taste for it.

How to set it up?

As I explained to you previously, slow content is a form of recycling. To set it up, you can start by searching your articles for those that have been the least read. You will then have the possibility of improving them by redoing a better SEO optimization. You can delete them or modify them to make one and the same article or rethink them completely.

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