What is the Most Watched Video on YouTube?

What is the Most Watched Video on YouTube?

Probably the most famous video on YouTube is the PSY Gangnam Style. With over a billion views, it holds the record for the longest-running video on the site. It is also the most viewed YouTube video of all time.

While the Korean artist held the title of most viewed YouTube video for years, he lost that honor in August 2016. His video was only the second video to reach 3 billion views. The next video in the top 10 was Despacito by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, which was released on August 4, 2017. It has more than 7 billion views.

There are other videos that have reached over one billion views on YouTube, but the majority of them are music videos. While the majority of YouTube's users are male, females are more likely to watch sports, fitness, and shooting games. This is why a lot of music videos enjoy success on the site.

Justin Bieber's Sorry video is the seventh-fastest video to hit 2 billion views. The song was recorded for the singer's fourth studio album Purpose, and it became a huge commercial hit. His other songs have topped the charts. In addition to his music, Bieber has had other popular YouTube videos, including "Baby," which was the most-viewed video on the site in 2014.

In October 2016, 'Baby Shark' by Pinkfong! became the first video to break the 10-billion-view mark. The video is an earworm tune with cute dance movements, and it has been played over and over. Its popularity led to a number of dance challenges. It also gave birth to various internet chain reactions. In the past, K-pop groups have performed the video.

Another popular video is the shape of you by Ed Sheeran. The song debuted in 2017, and it has been the third-fastest clip to reach 1 billion views. This video was filmed in three weeks and features dancer Brittany Cherry. Its music closely resembles the boogie funk sounds of the 1980s. It is the second most-viewed music video on the site.

Some of the other most-viewed YouTube videos include Sorry, Despacito, and Life Goes on by BTS. The last two videos are by pop stars, and the former will continue to be the most-viewed video until November 2020. Unlike other dance music videos on the site, Sorry does not feature ReQuest Dance Crew and does not feature a pop star. But it is still ahead of most other dance music videos on the site.

As the world's biggest and most popular video-sharing site, YouTube has a massive audience. It is estimated that over ninety-four percent of American young adults use the site regularly. In addition to having more than a billion users, YouTube has also launched numerous careers.

Whether you want to watch a music video, comedy, or a documentary, you can find it on YouTube. The top four content categories are music, entertainment/pop culture, how-to, and comedy. Some videos on YouTube may not be available in certain countries.


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