What is Tiktok?

What is Tiktok?

TikTok is a social network created in 2016 by the company ByteDance. Today, it brings together more than 2 billion users who post their videos on the platform every day. Available in the form of an Android and iOS application, it allows young people between the ages of 15 and 25, mainly, to create artistic or humorous performances and show off their talent. TikTok is an original way to communicate with peers. Monthly, more than 11 million French people use it at least once a month. Although competing with other social media platforms such as Instagram and its real ones, or Snapchat which also offers to post videos, the company is on course. Many personalities, like Jessica Alba or Britney Spears, use it to communicate with their fan and promote themselves. Currently booming, the application seduces by its immediacy which makes it a real added value. The company exploded in 2018 with the acquisition of Musica.ly by founder Zhang Yiming.

What is TikTok used for?

TikTok allows you to post short videos of yourself or your friends online and share moments of your life. These videos are visible only to members who have downloaded the application. Videos usually last between 3 and 60 seconds. It is possible to make videos with very varied themes such as trying out choreographies, creating sketches or even mini-scenes, everything is possible. Some even challenge each other and some videos have gone viral. A real entertainment platform, many people have set themselves challenges there, in particular to break the boredom of the lock-down (during the Covid-19 pandemic). The network can even serve as a marketing lever for brands that have the opportunity to launch crazy challenges to their subscribers, fans and non-fans and thus count thousands, even sometimes millions of views in order to gain visibility. The platform has also recently launched the possibility for brands to advertise directly from the social network.

How does TikTok work?

The operation of TikTok is very simple, you only need to download the app, then open the application on your phone with an integrated camera. After that, the user only has to create his profile, he can then search and follow accounts or even post his own videos on the platform. Users can comment on the videos of their choice. They can also share them with TikTok user friends. The platform also offers the possibility not only to send and to receive messages, but also to use filters to make the videos even more beautiful and interesting. The application even provides for the use of hashtags to bring together videos on similar subjects or to participate in challenges, for example. Finally, it is possible to discover personalized content according to previously watched videos or to watch new videos that we would not have thought of without the platform.