Why become a freelance social media manager? 5 benefits

Why become a freelance social media manager? 5 benefits

There are five main advantages of being a freelancer when you are a social media manager:
-Triple freedom.
-Personal fulfillment.
-Lack of hierarchy.
-Greater ease of finding work.
-Better income.

Advantage : Triple freedom
One of the first advantages cited by community managers who work as freelancers is freedom. But what is interesting is that this freedom is threefold.
First of all, you are free to organize yourself as you wish. You can work, in a coworking, a coffee shop, or remotely from home. You even have the possibility of adopting a “digital nomad” lifestyle to travel the world while working as a freelance social media manager. In addition, the schedules are flexible since you set them.
Freedom when you are a freelance social media manager also means being able to choose the missions that interest you. Depending on your preferences, you can, for example, only accept services linked to a particular social network (Instagram, TikTok, or other), favor missions that speak to you (eg writing posts, community animation), or even target missions the best paid.
Finally, being a freelancer when you are a social media manager means having the chance to choose your clients. You have the opportunity to specialize to work only with a certain type of client (e.g., e-commerce startups, committed brands, large groups, etc.), that is to say to niche yourself, or to collaborate only with clients with whom you have a good human fit.
Advantage 2: Personal fulfillment
Personal fulfillment is an increasingly important criterion for working people. It goes hand in hand with the search for meaning.
As a social media manager, you will first be able to flourish better thanks to a job more in line with your desires. According to Malt's "Freelancing in Europe" study, 78% of French freelancers consider, for example, that freelancing allows them to perform work in line with their values.
Advantage 3: The absence of hierarchy
When you are a salaried social media manager, you must respect the internal hierarchy, deal with internal political issues, etc. When you are a freelance social media manager, the relationship that binds you to clients is of a different order.
Are you your own boss? This means that you collaborate with your customers, you are not their subordinate. There is no power struggle, but equality is established to build a relationship of trust.
If the client is not happy with the posts you offer him/her, for example, you can simply end your business relationship with him.
Advantage 4: Greater ease of finding work
Companies appreciate using a freelance community manager or an independent social media manager rather than hiring an employee.
Indeed, freelancers offer several advantages to companies:
They are more agile and responsive, two key criteria for success on social networks.
They are often more flexible than employees.
They can be hired full-time, which is particularly attractive for smaller companies.
Advantage 5: Better income
How much money does a freelance social media manager earn? This is an essential question when considering starting up on your own.

On average, the daily rate of a freelance community manager or social media manager is $401 excluding tax. That is a turnover of around $6,500 per month if we assume that you work four full days every week (to consider holidays and days spent prospecting).
If we take the hypothesis that you are self-employed, once the social charges have been deducted, this gives a monthly income of around $5,000 without charges and taxes.

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