Why hire a Community Manager for your business

Why hire a Community Manager for your business

The Community Manager is indeed the one who manages your communities on social media: He responds and interacts with the users of these communities, creates content, and manages the online reputation of your activity.
To be a community manager, you need 3 things: training, experience, and an attitude.
Indeed, not everyone can manage the communication of activity, in the same way that a company cannot hire just anyone as Director of Communication!
And this is often the main problem of entrepreneurs or company managers, when they lack the time to do it themselves they just leave their communication on social networks in the hands of anyone, by not evaluating the importance of good management and all the benefits it can bring them.
Here are the main reasons why you should hire a (good) Community Manager if you do not have the time to manage your Community yourself.

1. Manage your Public Relations

 Your Community Manager will help you find out which are the most influential players in your industry. This is called “Influencer Marketing”. He must use it to accelerate the visibility on the web thanks to the help of influencers. It will help you create partnerships with opinion leaders, the “gurus” of your sector of activity!
But, beyond the influencers, not always easily reachable when you launch your activity, your Community Manager will help you form partnerships on the Internet with complementary players in your offer (or even your competitors). In short, it will solidify your network strategy, a key factor in the success of activity on the internet.
Finally, your Community Manager will identify who are your most loyal fans on the Internet and your brand ambassadors: those who leave comments on your publications, share them, etc. And treat them with care. Because they too are a key factor in the success of your online business!

2. Generate more sales

 It will help you find new customers but also know them better.
Let's get to the basics. Because it is all well and good to manage your relationships on the Internet. But the ultimate goal must be to help you sell! The Community Manager will therefore also, directly or indirectly, help you attract new customers. Through the animation of your social networks, it will help you generate new sales opportunities, and bring traffic as much to your physical business (if you have one) as to your social media page.
Your Community Manager, through social networks, will also help you find out what the typical profile of your "ideal client" is (the one who is most likely to be interested in your activity): what he is interested in, where he is, how old he is, what are his other interests, etc…

3. Manage your online reputation

 With alert tools, such as Google Alerts or Mention, your community manager will monitor what is being said about your products/services, or your activity in general, on the Internet. To prevent possible crises and manage them if they occur!
The community manager will serve you in a way of “customer service”, by responding to any suggestions, comments, or complaints from your customers (useful in particular in the case of e-commerce). However, only you, or a professional, really involved in the success of your activity, can carry it out. You can't reasonably leave the reputation of your business in the hands of an intern, can you?