X Continues to Struggle With Ad Placement

X is still facing issues with ads appearing alongside harmful and objectionable content, despite assurances that its tools provide maximum brand safety. Recently, automaker Hyundai paused ad spending on the platform after some of its promotions were displayed next to pro-Nazi posts. This mirrors concerns raised in a previous NBC report indicating the proliferation of such content on X.

The social media company denies the accuracy of reports claiming widespread circulation of harmful material. However, the ongoing problems advertisers continue to face suggest X's "freedom of speech, not reach" approach and the large-scale staff cuts it implemented last month have compromised its ability to adequately monitor content and enforce its rules.

With 80% fewer human moderators on its payroll, X now relies more heavily on automated systems like AI filters and its community notes program to screen what users can see in the app.

Experts argue these non-human methods are not sophisticated or comprehensive enough to replace the work of real people when it comes to complex content moderation tasks at X's global scale. Data from the European Union shows X has the lowest ratio of human moderators to users among major platforms.

It employs just one staff member to oversee safety for every 55,000 European accounts, compared to 1 per 22,000 users at TikTok and 1 per 38,000 at Meta. With limited human resources dedicated to the job, more problematic material is likely slipping through the cracks undetected and unaddressed on X.

Even when automated filters do catch rule violations, issues still arise. In Hyundai's case, the problematic ad placement was only uncovered because the automaker brought it to X's attention - not through any internal detection by the company's screening tools.

With X's ad revenue already down 50% year-over-year according to reports, significantly ramping up investment in content moderator hires does not seem financially realistic given the challenging business climate.

While X still faces challenges, in its enforcement capabilities and brand safety measures advertiser concerns will persist. Although relying solely on an SMM panel may not resolve all of Xs issues there are solutions With its user interface and comprehensive marketing features Great SMM provides a setting for fostering communities and driving sales growth. As discussions regarding content continue innovative services like SMM open up new avenues, for online connection and commerce.