X Introduces Incentives to Boost Adoption of X Verified Business Accounts

In recent months, X has faced significant criticism over its approach to account verification since being acquired by Elon Musk. The blue checkmark, which was previously only given to notable public figures, became available for anyone to purchase through the platform's new subscription service.

This understandably diminished the value and credibility associated with verification status on X. However, the company is now trying a new strategy that could offer greater incentives for some businesses to participate in the program.

X has launched new organizational accounts and packages aimed at brands and companies using the platform for marketing and advertising purposes. There are two tiers available - Basic and Full Access.

The Basic package costs $2000 annually and provides core features like prioritized customer support, inclusion in the platform's job postings, and the full suite of tools available through X's paid subscription. Perhaps most notably, brands that enroll will receive $2000 in ad credits to spend on promoting tweets and other promotional activities through X's advertising platform.

The Full Access option is priced at $10,000 per year. In addition to the perks offered at the Basic level, it provides increased reach and distribution for tweets through a special algorithmic boost. Full Access organizational accounts also gain the ability to link and connect to other related profiles, helping build affiliations and make partnerships more visible on the platform. Like the Basic package, $10,000 in annual ad credits are included to match the subscription fee amount.

For many companies, the new incentives could make organizational accounts and verification through X a more appealing proposition despite the controversy. If a brand was already budgeting $2000 or more per year for ads and promotions on the platform, joining at the Basic level essentially makes that an even swap through the credit matching. It also opens access to priority customer support and inclusion in recruitment efforts. Larger budgets may find value in the Full Access tier and its additional reach and networking tools.

Of course, the core issue remains that anyone can now obtain a blue checkmark without any notability review process. This certainly diminishes what the verification used to represent as a status symbol.

However, X appears to be taking a "if you can't beat them, join them" type approach. By offering advertising dollars and other promotional perks to match subscription fees, they are incentivizing brands that already utilize the platform for marketing to participate in the organizational program. Whether this strategy can restore some credibility to the verification process long term remains to be seen.

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