YouTube Uses AI to Keep Videos Kid Safe

YouTube has become a popular destination for kids to watch videos, but with so much content on the site not all of it is appropriate for younger viewers. Now, the site is stepping up its efforts to ensure kids are only seeing content that is suitable for their age using artificial intelligence. AI is being utilized to analyze videos and automatically flag any that contain inappropriate material, allowing YouTube to more quickly review and restrict videos if needed.

Machine learning algorithms are being trained to recognize different types of content that would not be suitable for kids such as violence, sexually suggestive material, profanity, and more. The AI system analyzes visuals and audio streams from videos to detect such content.

Videos that are flagged are then reviewed by human teams to determine if they need an age restriction applied or should be removed from YouTube altogether. This allows YouTube to significantly scale up the number of videos that can be screened on a daily basis compared to relying solely on manual reviews.

In addition, YouTube is using AI to improve its existing restricted mode filtering. This mode allows parents to limit the type of content kids can access, filtering out videos that may contain mature or objectionable themes.

The AI helps to more accurately identify videos that need to be restricted, reducing the chances of unsuitable videos slipping through. YouTube is also applying AI to the process of age-gating videos to verify a user's age before allowing them to watch restricted content.

These AI-driven efforts are meant to create a safer experience for kids on YouTube. However, parents also have tools at their disposal to further ensure what their children are watching is appropriate.

One option is to set time limits for YouTube usage through the YouTube Kids app or parental control settings. Parents can also disable search and turn on restricted mode. Creating separate profiles for kids only allows access to content handpicked by parents as safe.

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While YouTube's use of AI aims to automatically screen out inappropriate videos, no content filter is perfect. Parents still must take an active role in monitoring what their children watch and limiting access when needed. By utilizing the tools available and having open conversations, families can hopefully find a balance between kids enjoying online videos while still staying safe.

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